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Case studies

Sogecam is expert in the development, manufacture and sale of its own range of products, both in the telephone electronics sector and energy efficiency sector.

Our digital smart meter was developed as a result of our own sales team's identificaction of the future need of European electricity distribution companies to install new meter-reading technology in the homes of their residential clients.

From the start we wanted to be true to our motto Energetically Different and design a range of digital meters that didn't just meet regulatory requirements and the basics, but that also was equipped with key innovations and with an eye on the future needs of the operators. 

And the result of this detailled and continuous analysis of the client is this meter, designed by our own developers that not only has the lowest electricity consumption in the market, but also the facility to be totally adapted for use with other technologies. This demontrates our understanding of the large investment required by the electricity companies and the need to help them save costs at all times.