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EV Recharge Stations
Outdoor station (with advertising)

An elegant design for use in outdoor car parks or at the roadside, with the possibility of being used for advertising or other messages. 

The latest smart technology is installed in all models. This allows the recharging stations, the vehicles and the grid to actually 'talk' to each other, improving safety and efficiency at every stage.


Key features:

  • Fully adaptable to the needs of our customers
  • Two recharge sockets (lockable) as standard per side
  • Double-sided posts and more sockets possible
  • Continuous monitoring of energy consumption and recharging process
  • 19" LCD screen gives interactive advertising opportunities
  • Clear and simple screen indicators during the recharging process
  • Easily operated via PIN keypad
  • 2.5mm stainless steel case with anti graffiti paint
  • On-line communication by ADSL/IP/Ethernet
  • Size: 2200x600x300mm 


Technical standards:

  1. Low voltage regulation ITC-BT-18
  2. CE
  3. Slow charging -Mode 1 (UNE-EN 61851)
  4. IP44 and IK08 safety and impact standards


All our EV charging stations have data storage and operate in a temperature range of -20ºC to 60ºC 

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