Innovative electronics products for the energy sector.
International experts in public and residential telephony.
Design and manufacture of bespoke electronic and electrical solutions.
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About us

Sogecam is an established provider of electronics solutions.
Our development and management teams have over 25 years of experience in the electronics industry, including the telco and energy efficiency sectors.

Our products are recognised nationally and internationally. These include those developed directly by ourselves and those designed in collaboration with our clients. Today’s product range is developing constantly to meet the new technological needs of our customers, and we are constantly striving to bring you the latest innovations and ideas.

Our growth
As part of the GESA group, founded in 1986, Sogecam developed as a supplier of electronic components and products to the telecommunications and telephony market. In 2009 the company acquired the international public telephone division of Thomson. We have been closely involved with renewable energies from the start of the growth in this market, developing synergies from our existing experience and adding real value to this sector..

At a strategic level the electronics industry has developed tremendously in recent years. Nowadays, new product development doesn’t come just from large self-contained corporations, but instead from networks of smaller companies, in which each one adds their own specialized experience and particular ‘added value’ to the end result.

In this complex electronics production environment, with fast-moving new product development cycles, a new type of highly-specialized supplier is required, capable of efficiently combining R & D expertise to develop product designs and innovate, with the ability to quickly assemble and manufacture those new ideas, and where the use of ‘smart technology’ is integral to the process.

Through our range of services, Sogecam is at the forefront of this new way of doing things, designing ‘clean’ products to achieve optimum energy efficiency and incorporating the latest technological innovations. We also support our clients by offering solutions that will be easily adaptable in the future and that will help control long term costs.

That’s why they call us “Energetically Different”.

Our operations
The head office and logistics centre are based in Madrid, Spain. Here is the division responsible for imports and electronic components distribution across the whole country, as well as the commercial team and main warehousing.

The R & D team and manufacturing base are on the prestigious Andalucia Technology Park in Málaga,Spain, with a 3000m² facility that is home to the software and hardware engineers and our production lines.